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One question …

Would you buy an airplane, rent a hangar, hire technicians and pilots just because you have to fly to your customers once a month? No? So why are you doing this with your data center?

A cloud offers you the opportunity to access exactly the performance of your IT infrastructure that you need at any time. And you pay for exactly what you use.

The 4 points of a successful cloud strategy:

  • Definition of a cloud strategy

  • Migration of existing or setup of new components

  • Securing and monitoring the cloud infrastructure

  • Standard and legal compliance (BSI, GDPR, etc.)

What is operational
Continuity management?

Everyone is talking about the cloud, and rightly so!

Using the cloud makes it possible to reduce the costs and effort involved in operating your own
IT infrastructure. This gives you the freedom to devote more time to your own business area.

Our cloud services support you in using the cloud cost-efficiently and effectively for your needs. Whether you have already developed a cloud strategy or need support to find out how the cloud can help your organization – we are your reliable and professional partner who will be happy to assist you!

We attach great importance to your actual requirements: Do you need a small test platform for a new, innovative product? Do you want to outsource your databases and thus save on license, operating and upgrade costs? Do you want to operate a website that is always available quickly and reliably, even in times of high demand?

The cloud offers the ideal solution for all these needs.

In the cloud, the motto is “sharing responsibility”: the cloud provider takes on the procurement, operation and maintenance of the hardware and its connection. As a cloud user, you gain valuable time to concentrate exclusively on the design and implementation of your applications.

No matter where your path takes you – we are here to support you.

1. structured & detailed analysis

In close cooperation with you, we carry out a comprehensive inventory to identify all relevant processes and data in your company.

2. individual risk assessment

We use our expertise to identify and assess potential data protection risks and vulnerabilities.

3. compliance check

Our job is to ensure that your company fully complies with the relevant data protection regulations, such as the GDPR.

4. customized solutions

Based on our findings, we create a customized action plan to eliminate identified vulnerabilities and ensure data protection compliance.

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