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IT Security Audit


Our cyber security audit solution supports you in evaluating and optimizing IT security in your company regardless of your IT infrastructure and minimizing risks – whether on-premises, hybrid or pure cloud. Our audit is based on proven best practices and recommendations that can be implemented in your IT structure to ensure the highest level of security.

Why us?

Why You Should Choose the CYBER CURRICULUM® IT Security Audit

Benefits of Our CYBER CURRICULUM® IT Security Audit

The growing number of cyber attacks is increasingly threatening companies. Many companies are not aware of their current IT security situation and are faced with the challenge of making smart and necessary investments in order to protect themselves effectively. This makes them vulnerable to attacks. With us as your partner, you gain strong advantages for your security and can use the audit to correct weaknesses.

IT audits help to identify and close security gaps, thereby strengthening data integrity and confidentiality.

Companies can ensure that they comply with all legal regulations and industry standards, which minimizes legal and financial risks.

IT audits identify inefficient processes and resources, leading to cost savings and better use of resources.

Weak points are identified and evaluated, which helps to reduce potential risks and minimize downtime.

IT audits promote consistent quality in the IT infrastructure and processes, which has a positive impact on service quality.

The results of an IT audit can strengthen the trust of customers, partners and stakeholders, as they prove the security and reliability of the IT systems.

4 steps to your audit

Process of Our IT Security Audit


Comprehensive initial consultation and detailed scope clarification

Our experts will discuss with you to determine the scope of the upcoming IT Security Audit. We ask that you provide us with a specific contact person who will serve as a point of contact throughout the audit process. This person will provide us with valuable insight into your IT environment and ensure that all your concerns are addressed appropriately during the audit.

During the initial meeting, your contact person will give us a rough overview of the structure of your IT infrastructure. We then jointly define the time frame in which the audit will be carried out. This careful planning and preparation forms the basis for a successful audit process.


Implementation of the defined measures & review

Our experienced auditors are now ready to carry out the actual audit of your IT infrastructure and processes. We carefully analyze all relevant elements of your IT, including hardware, software, networks and databases. We place a special focus on reviewing your IT security measures in order to identify and evaluate potential vulnerabilities.

This also includes analyzing data integrity and availability as well as your data backup and recovery strategies. We also check whether your organization meets the applicable compliance guidelines and legal regulations. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive insight into the status of your IT environment.


Detailed documentation and transparent reporting

Once the audit is complete, we carefully document all results. This includes recording all identified weaknesses, risks and recommendations for improvement. The results are summarized in a final report, which contains the main audit report, a clear summary of the results and clear recommendations.

This report serves as the basis for communicating the results to your management and other relevant stakeholders. Reporting is an important step, as it forms the basis for future measures and decisions.


Follow-up and implementation of recommendations

After receiving the final report, we will continue to be at your side. Based on the recommendations identified, we work with you to develop an action plan to eliminate the weaknesses and implement the recommended measures. Our experts monitor and track the implementation to ensure that the necessary improvements are made promptly.

We recommend regular reviews and updates of your IT strategy and security policies based on the results of the audit.

Cyber security for your company

Maximum security for your data


Our cyber security experts work around the clock to protect your company from cyber threats. The IT audit is the first step towards cyber security. With state-of-the-art technologies and proven security strategies, we ensure that your data and digital assets are always secure.

  • Advanced detection

  • Training & awareness

  • Customized solutions

Cloud services

Efficient cloud computing for your company


Our team of cloud experts offers you tailor-made solutions to optimize your IT infrastructure and reduce costs. Find out in a free initial consultation how you can become more flexible, scalable and productive.

  • Scalable & flexible

  • Cost-efficient

  • Reliable & safe

Lead your company securely into the digital future!

Your IT Security Audit by CYBER CURRICULUM®

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