Fulfillment of TISAX® requirements

TISAX® compliance: your key to information security

TISAX® compliance: your key to information security


Adhering to TISAX® compliance, specifically designed for the automotive industry, is crucial for ensuring information security within your organization. Our specialized team is here to support you in meeting the stringent industry-specific requirements.

Successful TISAX® implementation: our expertise in action

The TISAX® label in detail

Holistic TISAX® assessment

A successful implementation of the Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX® ) requires a deep understanding of the requirements and standards in the area of information security. Here we rely on our extensive expertise and many years of experience.

Our TISAX® implementation services begin with a thorough assessment of your existing security measures and processes. We carry out an in-depth analysis to identify weak points and develop individual recommendations for action. Based on this, we develop customized TISAX® compliance strategies tailored to the specific requirements of your company.

Our experts assist you in implementing TISAX® compliance, starting with a thorough assessment of your existing security measures and processes. We conduct a comprehensive analysis to identify vulnerabilities and develop tailored action recommendations. Based on this, we create TISAX® compliance strategies specifically tailored to the unique requirements of your company. We support you at every step of implementation, whether it involves introducing new security measures, training your team, or preparing for TISAX® audits. Our aim is to ensure that your systems and processes comply with the high standards set by TISAX®

With our proven track record in TISAX® implementation and our satisfied customers, you can rely on us to strengthen your information security while ensuring your TISAX® compliance. The implementation of TISAX® is not only a requirement, but also a good opportunity to protect your company from increasing security threats and gain the trust of your customers.

The gold standard for information security

how THE TISAX label helps you gain more confidence


Score successfully
in tenders

TISAX® is the key to information security. OEMs and other potential customers almost always require a TISAX® certificate from their contractual partners. With our support, you will gain a competitive edge and easily meet the expectations of your potential customers.


Your Secure Future
with TISAX

Thanks to the TISAX® security standard, you can identify vulnerabilities at an early stage and strengthen your company against potential risks. Our solutions protect your assets and guarantee a secure future.


Minimize liability &
risks with TISAX

Ensuring cyber security is not only an obligation, but also a crucial protection for the management. Under certain circumstances, personal liability cannot be excluded. The TISAX® label demonstrates the strength of your information security management system and minimizes your risks.


We promote

Our TISAX® solutions establish a trustworthy level of security that forms the basis for successful and smooth partnerships. By implementing this standard, you not only improve your security practices, but also your chances of successful business relationships.

Specialized in TISAX compliance


Our team consists of experienced experts who specialize in TISAX® compliance and information security. We support you with the implementation of TISAX® and ensure that your systems meet the highest security standards.

  • TISAX® preparation
  • Implementation of TISAX® audits
  • Support with TISAX® measures

Strengthen your security with TISAX®


TISAX® is a recognized standard for information security. Discover the benefits of TISAX® compliance and how it can protect your business.

  • Customized solutions

  • Expert advice

  • Successful TISAX® implementation

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