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Why is IT security so important for companies?

Because cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated. Digitalization means that the number of applications, data and systems is constantly increasing. IT security is therefore more important than ever in all areas. From software development to securing the infrastructure and end devices – security must be considered at all levels right from the start.

A comprehensive IT security strategy is essential to ensure information security and data protection in the course of digitalization. CYBER CURRICULUM® can help you overcome this challenge and equip your company to defend against various types of cyber threats.

Our services are designed for companies of all sizes and include active measures as well as a wide range of IT security and data protection training courses.

IT security for companies is not just about using secure passwords and correctly managing access rights to internal files. You also need to be prepared for phishing attacks and other targeted attacks by cyber criminals. However, the human risk factor is often forgotten or not taken seriously enough, even though it is an important part of a comprehensive safety concept.
If there is a lack of communication about digital security risks in a company, employees inadvertently open the door to hacker attacks. By raising awareness of potential risks within your company, you can help to ensure that the internal network is secure.
Our cyber security training courses can help you understand the current vulnerabilities in your company’s infrastructure and what tools you can use to defend against hacker attacks.

Cyberattacks can have a devastating impact and affect any company – large or small. Not only can they compromise sensitive company data, they can also paralyze a company’s entire IT infrastructure, rendering it unable to operate economically.

At CYBER CURRICULUM®, we aim to assist businesses in establishing a reliable defense against cyber attacks. Our services include not only active support and guidance in the implementation of an information security management system (ISMS) and the implementation of customized data protection solutions, but also special training on cyber security awareness. We want to raise your awareness of IT security so that you can improve and protect your company’s network on your own.

Our portfolio includes training courses on all relevant cyber security topics at various levels.

We train and enable you to become competent IT experts and IT security officers:

– Identify security gaps in the company network

– Assess security threats from cyber criminals

– recognize potential threats

– take effective protective measures

Our comprehensive training courses transform you into competent IT experts and IT security officers. We provide the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the fast-paced world of information technology and effectively protect your business from threats.

The Benefits of our
Cyber Security Training

  • BSI IT basic protection for practitioners & BSI IT basic protection for consultants

  • Data protection officer & data protection auditor

  • ISMS implementer

The procedure

The training takes place at fixed times, which will be communicated to you in good time before the start of the training.

Our trainers will show you by means of:

  • Demonstrations
  • Practical exercises
  • Simulations of real threat scenarios

how you can protect your company from cyber attacks.

Training location

We understand how challenging it can be to find the right training location, especially for larger groups.

That’s why we focus entirely on you and offer the following options to suit your individual requirements:

  • Meeting Point at Your Location
  • Meeting Point at Our Location
  • Virtual Meeting

Participation requirements

Our courses are open to anyone interested.

However, it is important that you have the technical requirements to be able to participate fully in our interactive, digital training.

All you need is:

  • A PC or laptop (incl. webcam and microphone)
  • A stable Internet connection
Period & duration

Our cyber security training courses are scheduled to start in 2024.

Further information on training times and course duration will be announced shortly.

General information

Regular and active participation is a prerequisite and is necessary to pass the training with certificate. IT security training at Cyber Curriculum®: We create awareness among your employees. A strong security culture is essential in today’s age of cybercrime. As cyber criminals become more professional and threats become more complex, it is important that you educate and train your employees in cyber security and risk management. Cyber Curriculum® helps you with this. We raise the security awareness of your employees in the digital space and thus reduce the human security risk.

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